Tired of dealing with suspension noise or unreliable components? Upgrade today to Dexter’s red E-Z Flex® as it continues to outlast the competition. Paired with Dexter heavy duty shackle links, customers can ride smoothly and carefree with an upgraded suspension.

The E-Z Flex core has been scientifically formulated to provide optimal dampening characteristics, resulting in less transfer of road shock and ride equalization - protecting your valuable cargo. Suspension systems without this hanger-to-pivot-point relationship sacrifice the ability of the axles to equalize over uneven terrain. During travel, the red E-Z Flex System continuously pivots and compresses to isolate and absorb damaging road shocks before they are sent to the trailer frame and its contents.

Let your suspension upgrade speak for itself as everyone sees your red E-Z Flex equalizer. Quality and design unmatched by our competition, E-Z Flex will provide a smooth ride for years to come. Available in retrofit kits or directly from the manufacturer as a factory-installation option.

RED E-Z flex superior performance
The red E-Z Flex System provides up to an 80% reduction in acceleration forces on the trailer frame versus a standard equalizer when tested over railroad tracks at 30 mph. Red E-Z Flex significantly outperforms all other competitors in the same road test. The result? A smoother, more protective ride for your trailer and its cargo.


  • Less transfer of road shock for better cargo protection
  • Delivers smoother towing than traditional leaf spring suspensions
  • Easy installation with less overall maintenance
  • Red E-Z Flex will not change the ride height of your trailer compared to competitors
  • Available in 33” and 35” spacing for use on tandem or triple axle trailers
  • ISO 9001 Certified Production Environment
  • 5-year limited warranty