UFP offers a wide selection of square and rectangular leaf spring axles. Capacities range from 2,500 lbs. to 7,000 lbs. and are available in straight or drop center varieties. V-bend option allows for the protection of the keel of the boat. Corrosion resistant coatings are also available. UFP torsion axles offer many of the same qualities as the Dexter Torflex® suspension axles. Utilizing four cord rubber cushioning which eliminates metal-to-metal contact. Many configurable options are available on the UFP torsion axles, including different bracket styles & heights, V-bend centers to protect the keel of the boat, corrosion resistant options, and capacities from 3,700 lbs. thru 7,000 lbs. UFP torsion end units are able to be configured with a vast array of spindle, hub, and brake options as well as various corrosion resistant options.

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