Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure brake voltage?
How often should I adjust my brakes?
Which magnet wire is the positive, they are both the same color?
Which way do electric brakes mount to the axle?
Why are my boat trailer brakes rusting so fast?
Can brakes be added to an idler axle?
Can brakes be used on trailers towed by motorcycles?
Can I change my brakes from electric to hydraulic or vice versa?
Can I upgrade to bigger brakes?
Do Dexter brake magnet wires have polarity?
How can I increase the aggressiveness of the 12"x2" brake?
How do I measure brake current or amperage?
My brake linings are cracked, do I have to replace them?
Why aren't my electric brakes working?
Why can't I lock and slide my electric brakes?
Why do I have to adjust my brakes?
Why do my brakes and hubs get so hot?

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