Torsion Axles: Torflex Medium Duty

The Torflex® suspension system is a torsion arm type suspension which is completely self contained within the axle tube. It attaches directly to the trailer frame using brackets which are an integral part of the axle assembly. The Torflex® axle provides improved suspension characteristics relative to leaf spring axles through the unique arrangement of a steel torsion bar surrounded by four rubber cords encased in the main structural member of the axle beam.

The wheel/hub spindle is attached to a lever, called the torsion arm, which is fastened to the rubber encased bar. As load is applied, the bar rotates causing a rolling/compressive resistance in the rubber cords. This rotating action provides the same functionality as conventional sprung axles with several operating advantages including independent suspension.

Except for periodic inspection of the fasteners used to attach the Torflex® axle to the vehicle frame, no other suspension maintenance is required on Torflex® axles. They are, of course, subject to the maintenance and inspection procedures regarding brakes, hubs, bearings, seals, wheels, and tires as outlined in Dexter’s current Operation Maintenance Service Manual (available below).

9,000 - 12,000 lb capacity

• Highest strength axle tube generally available for utility vehicle axles
• Materials used allow a stiffer and stronger axle beam with no camber required
• The backing plate of the Dexter electric or hydraulic brake mounts on piloted axle  brake flange. This assures that brakes will perform effectively
• Brake flanges are machined to assure perpendicularity and concentricity
• Spindles are made of forged carbon steel
• Precision machined spindles. Replaceable unitized oil seal
• Precision machined bearing journals
• High strength axle tube
• Dexter manufactured brakes & hubs
• Totally cushioned in rubber for a smooth, quiet ride
• Independent suspension
• Forged torsion arm for maximum strength
• Heat-treated solid steel bar
• Inspected for proper alignment

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