Dexter is proud to manufacture Kodiak disc brakes. Kodiak was established in 1989, first known as a manufacturer of products for boat trailers. Today, Kodiak products have evolved considerably. Since 1994, Kodiak has been a leader in the hydraulic disc brakes for the trailer industry. In January 2018, Kodiak became a part of the Dexter family of products. Currently, many Kodiak by Dexter's disc brake components are proudly assembled in America, so you can be confident in your braking system!

Kodiak by Dexter disc brakes are designed for axles ranging from 3,000 lbs. axles to 12,000 lbs. axles. These disc brakes are utilized on marine, RV, horse, commercial/industrial, cargo, and military applications. KodaGuard, stainless steel, and Gal-Dex® coatings are used to protect your disc brakes. Specifically, stainless steel is an extra safeguard against rust for saltwater applications. KodaGuard is also an innovative solution to bridge the gap between Gal-Dex® coatings and stainless steel, providing an additional protective option for your disc brakes.


All Kodiak by Dexter rotors are ventilated to improve brake life by effectively displacing heat. A rotor's temperature rises rapidly from repeated stops and can be minimized by using a ventilated rotor. This ventilation accelerates heat transfer from the rotor to the surrounding air. During heavy braking, non-ventilated rotors may overheat, causing accelerated brake pad deterioration and increased rotor surface wear.