Maximize your Class 7 towing capacity trailer with Dex-Treme D160! All components are rated at a bona fide 16,000 lbs., increasing service life. Built on a solid foundation with HDSS and DexAir suspensions, Dex-Treme D160 is the rugged trailer axle and suspension option you can trust. Systems are available with both electric drum brakes and our new premium disc brake option. Backed by Dexter's 5-year warranty and thoroughly tested, Dex-Treme is a ride you can depend on.


  • As the size of tow vehicles, toys, and equipment grows, meet your customer’s need for an increased towing capacity trailer.

  • Protect yourself and more cargo with superior braking power

  • A complete package - controlled manufacturing for the entire axle model, supported by one company

  • A game-changing trailer running gear bundle designed and rigorously tested by Dexter, a trusted trailer component manufacturer, for over 60 years.


  • 5" x .44" Round Tube

  • Straight spindle with 7-bolt brake flange

  • Aluminum screw-in cap with unitized seal and oil or grease lubrication

  • DexAir or HDSS Suspension

  • Single, tandem, or triple axle configurations

  • Hydraulic disc or electric drum brakes

  • Electric brake pre-wiring available

  • Compatible with dual-wheel applications (8 on 275 mm with 221 mm hub pilot)