The DexAir 15,000 lbs. air ride suspension system utilizes components of much higher capacity systems, providing long-lasting cushioning in even the harshest environments. Offered as either a ready to install, complete system or as loose components, the DexAir provides OEMs with installation options paired with excellent ride and product support.


  • Offered already attached to the axles; ready to be installed on the chassis
  • Offered loose to be installed as needed by the customer
  • Single source, providing industry leading support and warranty
  • Maximize tire life with alignment through pivot bolt, up to 3/4”
  • Ride height maintained by a height control valve
  • Equalizes load between axles; avoiding individual axle overload
  • Pressurized Heavy Duty shocks utilized to improve ride quality
  • Durability tested to Dexter’s highest standards and 5-year warranty
  • Light weight I-beam trailing arm design, maximizing cargo capability
  • Robust pivot bushing; steel sleeve encased by rubber in proven industry
  • ISO 9001 Certified Production Environment

DexAir Full Single Axle System with HCV

DexAir Pivot Alignment