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Video Gallery

E/H Actuator Installation 

This video is to help guide you through the process of installing, operating, and maintaining your Dexter electrically controlled hydraulic brake actuation device. When it comes to your trailer braking system, demand better. Demand Dexter.

Genuine Replacement Parts 
For over 50 years you’ve trusted Dexter Axle as the leader in quality trailer running gear. Why trust anyone else when it comes to genuine replacement parts? We set the standard for quality, safety and performance in the replacement parts industry.
Torflex® Suspension Axles 

Protect your cargo from damaging road shock with Dexter's Torflex® rubber torsion suspension axles. Torflex's unique independent axle suspension means a smoother ride for your trailer and greater peace of mind for you.

Torflex® Removable Spindle 

The Dexter Torflex®​ removable spindle option, available on new axles, will allow trailer owners to simply remove and replace damaged spindles in the field without purchasing a new axle beam. With only one bolt to remove, the procedure is quick, easy, and requires no special tools.

E-Z Flex® Suspension 

Road imperfections can challenge a sprung suspension system. Why subject your investment to this kind of road abuse? Demand that your trailer be equipped with Dexter's E-Z Flex® heavy duty rubber equalization system.

Leaf Spring Axles 
Dexter leaf spring suspension axles are the brand of choice for cutting edge innovation, precision engineering, and most importantly, reliable, safe, smooth performance. Leaf spring axles provide maximum flexibility for virtually every towing application.
Bearing Maintenance 

This video is to help guide you through the process of trailer axle bearing maintenance. A complete bearing repack is recommended every 1 year or 12,000 miles. Always use Genuine Dexter Axle Replacement Parts. Demand Better. Demand Dexter.

Sway Control 

A huge gust of wind, displaced airflow from a passing semi-trailer, or a sudden swerve causes trailers and RVs to sway dangerously, possibly resulting in loss of control. Get peace of mind with the Dexter Sway Control, a safety device that automatically stabilizes the sway of a trailer or RV, keeping you in control.

E-Z Lube® System 

A trailer running gear lubrication system that's simple to maintain and completely submersible with no disassembly required. Ideal for most towable axles including boat trailer applications. Dexter's E-Z Lube® bearing application made quick and easy.

Nev-R-Adjust® Brakes 
Dexter Nev-R-Adjust® electric brakes automatically adjust to proper clearances during travel allowing you to stop with confidence. Demand better braking. Demand that your trailer be equipped with Dexter's Nev-R-Adjust® brakes.
Dexter Genuine Brakes 

When it comes to brakes, you have a lot of choices. Why choose Dexter brakes? It's simple...Dexter builds a better brake. For over 50 years and nearly 50 million brakes, Dexter has become the most recognized and dependable brand in the world. Please follow this survey link to provide your feedback.

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