Axles: Torsion End Units

UFP torsion end units are used in conjunction with UFP torsion axles utilizing the adjustable trailing arm feature.

UFP torsion end units are able to be configured with a vast array of spindle, hub, and brake options as well as various corrosion resistant options. Options include idler hub and disc brake options. Torsion end units are pre-assembled for ease of installation, saving valuable assembly time at the trailer manufacturer.

Multiple lubrication options are available, including: lubed spindles, stainless steel bearing protector, and Vault® hybrid oil lubrication system.

Available Kits

K71-068-00: Torsion Arm & Hardware Kit

K71-068-00: Torsion Arm & Hardware Kit
Torsion Trailing Arm and Hardware Kit: 4.2K for Idler or Disc

Dx Part No Quantity Description
069-070-50 1 Torsion Arm and Spindle, Zinc
005-172-00 1 Washer "D"
005-165-00 1 Washer, Flat
006-210-00 1 Nut Hex Jam
006-211-00 1 Nut Retainer
006-212-00 1 Nut, Lock
007-310-00 1 Bolt
010-172-00 1 Seal
010-180-00 1 Seal
019-022-00 1 Cotter Pin

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