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Dexter Acquires Titan International's Brake and Actuator Business 

ELKHART, INDIANA (January 4, 2016) – In October 2015, Dexter announced the intent to acquire AL-KO Vehicle Technology (“VT”) from AL-KO Kober SE. We are pleased to announce that as of December 31, 2015, we successfully closed this transaction. As a result of combining Dexter and AL-KO VT, DexKo Global Inc. has been formed as the parent company. DexKo Global Inc. is majority owned by funds managed by The Sterling Group, Dexter’s current majority owners. The combined company will include AL-KO Kober SE as a significant shareholder.

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Titan Brakes and Actuators 

Titan's extensive line of brakes, actuators, couplers and hubs is designed to serve a wide variety of trailer applications. Manufacturers of boat, recreation vehicle, livestock, travel and flatbed trailers across North America rely on the performance of Titan Brakes and Actuators by Dexter.

Customer Service Contacts 

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