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E-Z Flex Suspension
  • Resilient rubber core isolates and absorbs damaging road shocks before they are sent to the trailer's frame and contents
  • Delivers smoother towing than traditional leaf spring suspensions
  • Retrofits to existing leaf spring suspensions by replacing the standard steel equalizer
  • Unlike competitive products, E-Z Flex does not change the ride height of the trailer
  • Easy installation requires no welding, grinding, or cutting of the trailer frame or hangers
  • Available in 33" (up to 6000lbs. capacity) and 35" (up to 8000lbs. capacity) sizes for use on tandem axle trailers
  • Backed by Dexter's two year limited product warranty
  • E-Z Flex Equalizer
    How the E-Z Flex System Works

    Cracks, potholes, and other road hazards and imperfections can challenge your leaf spring suspension and take a toll on your trailer's frame and contents.  Why subject your investment to this kind of road abuse?  Demand a better suspension.  Demand that your trailer be equipped with Dexter's E-Z Flex Heavy Duty Rubber Equalizer Suspension System.

    This affordable solution gives you the smooth ride of a premium suspension without the hefty cost.  The Dexter E-Z Flex System is available nationwide as an aftermarket retrofit kit or directly from various trailer manufacturers as part of their factory-installed options.

    The Dexter E-Z Flex System simply replaces the standard steel equalizer and works with the trailer's existing leaf springs to improve ride performance.  During travel, the E-Z Flex System pivots and compresses to isolate damaging road shocks before they are sent to the trailer's frame and contents.

    Ride Performance
    This graph depicts the accelerations experienced by a trailer and axle while going over railroad tracks at 30 mph.  The Dexter E-Z Flex equalizer provides an 80% reduction to trailer vertical acceleration when compared to a standard equalizer.
    Product Specifications
    To determine which E-Z Flex kit would work with your trailer's existing suspension, look at your current equalizer:
    • If you currently have a Dexter equalizer (Part Number 13-104) then the matching E-Z Flex kit would be
      K71-652-00 or K71-654-00
    • If you currently have a Dexter equalizer (Part Number 13-122) then the matching E-Z Flex kit would be
      K71-653-00 or K71-655-00

    Available E-Z Flex Kits

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