Manufactured Home Doors: Series 5100/5140 Outswing Door

Series 5100/5140 Outswing Door

An outswinging entrance door that combines beauty, durability and efficiency, this door is completely pre-hung, ready to install. The 5100 features a screw cover channel and flat mounting flange.

Standard Features

  • Strong welded aluminum frame with integral weather baffle
  • Three extruded hinges, complete with stainless steel bushings, join the core to the frame
  • Heavy, damage-resistant fiberglass panels are securely bonded to the core
  • Effective insulating foam core
  • High density foam lock block
  • Welded galvanized stile frame is pre-cambered on the lock side to promote a tight seal
  • Core is surrounded by extruded aluminum
  • Core is edge bored and capped for easy addition of deadbolt
  • Bulb vinyl on all four sides forms the primary sealing system
  • Extruded flap vinyl on all four sides of the frame forms the secondary seal
  • Manufactured to comply with the HUD standard 3280-405

Options Available

  • Stainless steel, bright brass, or flush lock sets
  • Stainless steel or bright brass deadbolts
  • Painted frame



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