Horse and Utility Trailer Doors: Series 5150 Radius Corner Utility Door


Standard Features

  • Strong aluminum frame with integral weather baffle
  • Extruded hinges, with stainless steel bushings and full-length pin, provide sturdy core to frame connection
  • Smooth and embossed exterior skins available in a variety of popular colors
  • Damage resistant fiberglass exterior and interior surfaces.
  • Optional aluminum skin available
  • Precambered lock stile and adjustable strike plate ensure a positive seal
  • Standard flush lockset
  • Strong, extruded aluminum core surround protects the core edge from damage
  • Continuous steel stile enhances rigidity and performance
  • Crown seal creates superior sealing

Options Available

  • Interior and exterior panels are securely bonded to the core
  • Key alike lock system (one key fits all locks)

Available Sizes

  • 20" x 60" through 48" x 80" maximum 

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