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Disc Brakes
  • Fixed caliper, opposing piston technology as used in racing for superior durability
  • Self-adjusting calipers eliminate manual brake adjustments
  • Brake pads can be replaced without removing the caliper
  • Improved resistance to brake fade
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Dexter disc brake mounts to the axle using the same flange position as drum brakes
  • Two year limited warranty
Product Specifications
  • Brake/Axle Capacity:  8,000 lbs. Torflex or sprung suspension, E-Z Lube, standard grease, or oil lubrication
  • Rotor:  E-coated gray, vented, cast iron and hub piloted
  • Caliper:  Ductile iron fixed caliper system, (4) 1-7/8" pistons
  • Caliper Attaching Bracket:  Ductile iron, 4-bolt flange mounting pattern
  • Hub Group:  8 studs on a 6.50" bolt circle, 9/16"-18 studs or 5/8"-18 studs
  • Wheels:  Dexter 16", 16.5" and 17.5" diameter wheels
  • Brake Pads:  Semi-metallic lining compound
  • Displacement (per axle):  0.90 cu-in.
  • Brake Fluid:  DOT 3 or 4
  • Actuation Options:  Dexter Axle recommends using an electric over hydraulic, vacuum over hydraulic, or air over hydraulic actuation system capable of generating 1,600 PSI maximum hydraulic pressure
  • Performance:  Dexter disc brakes provide 26,000 in-lbs. of brake torque output when tested using 1,600 PSI of hydraulic input pressure, a 14.2" tire rolling radius (215/75R17.5) and 4,000 lbs. of wheel load
8000 Disc Brake
8000 Disc Brake
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